Dentist Fort Worth

Dentist Fort Worth

It’s only natural that you would want the best dentist in Fort Worth to care for your family’s smiles. If you’ve switched dental providers more than once in the past five years and are still less-than-satisfied with the quality of care you receive, consider switching to Dr. David J Greer for full-service dentistry under one roof. Our practice is the perfect choice if you’re seeking any of the following:

  • A reputable cosmetic dentist
  • Preventive dental care services
  • Restorative treatments
  • A teeth whitening dentist
  • Top-rated dentists who utilize new technology
  • Affordable Fort Worth dentists

10 Tips For Choosing a Local Dentist

1. Don’t discount a convenient location as being a terrific reason for choosing a dentist. If your dental clinic is located in an area that is easily accessible, you’ll be more likely to make scheduled appointments on time.

2. Seek out a dentist who has a reputation as a gentle dental provider; this is especially important if you or someone in your household has a fear of visiting the dentist. Dr. David J Greer and his staff practice painless dentistry.

3. Compare costs of treatment with other local dental providers to make sure you’re not being overcharged for treatment. Ask about our dental rates when you call our office at 817-731-2821.

4. Look for a dentist who is currently accepting new patients and has an appointment wait shorter than 3 weeks. If you end up on a long waiting list 6-8 weeks out, you’ll become a dissatisfied patient.

5. Find out if your new dentist can meet all of your family’s needs. Read about dentistry services provided by spending some time on your dentist’s website.

6. Keep in mind that every dentist in Fort Worth has a certain protocol they adhere to when providing treatment. No one dentist is the right choice for every patient. Get to know your new dentist by requesting an initial consultation.

7. Schedule a teeth-cleaning appointment to test out our patient care; you’ll be plasantly surprised by the level of care you receive at the hands of our staff.

8. Explore online resources before selecting a dentist. Look for a dentist who maintains a current website and offers potential patients a wealth of information, including that of new technology, services and treatment options, patient resources, and more.

9. Request a meet and greet visit as a way of introducing yourself to your dentist and getting to know them a little better before your first appointment.

10. Go with your first instinct when choosing a dentist in Fort Worth- you can always change your mind if you make a mistake. More than likely, if you have a good feeling about a dentist, you’ll find that your instincts were correct.

To schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Greer, make a call to our office at 817-731-2821 or contact us online. You’ll find 101 reasons to choose us as your family’s dental care providers and we are confident that you will find that your best smiles are still ahead.

Dentist Fort Worth

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Dentist Fort Worth

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